This morning, I was in the bathroom and I heard these weird hushing noises. I then tried to turn on the new faucet to wash my hands but nothing worked. I first thought, did I pay my water bill? I then thought, did I install my faucet correctly? So I tried the tub and nothing came from there. I went to my basement to see if there was a flood or something and there was none.

So I called the water company who told me there was a major water main break in my area. Here is a map of the area of the main break:

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Here is the official release from the water company on the issue and the news piece from the local paper. In these cold conditions, route 202 froze over with ice, making it dangerous to drive.

Right now, my home does not have any water. Some homes do, but they have very low water pressure. The main question is, when will it be fixed and will the water be clean?

Here is a video of the water gushing all over the street:

When I found out it was a main break, I said to my wife - thankfully it is only the water. At least the Internet works. :) I was serious. I brought up some bottled water to the bathroom.