diaperI have been tactfully avoiding the diaper change for about ten-days now. But this morning that all changed when my wife seemed dead tired and begged me to change the baby's diaper. I felt bad and guilty, so I did it, I changed the kid's diaper.

I was hoping to be one of those dads that don't change diapers. Well, maybe I will now be one of those dads that rarely change diapers.

The process wasn't bad. Here is how it went:

  1. Grab kid in one arm
  2. Set up materials using other arm
  3. Place kid down on changing table
  4. Remove kid's bottom cloths
  5. Slowly take off spoiled diaper, while leaving bottom half on.
  6. Clean area with baby wipes
  7. Slide diaper off completely
  8. Slide new diaper on asap
  9. Make sure everything is clean
  10. Put on A&D ointment
  11. Secure new diaper and flare out parts around legs
  12. Put back on cloths
  13. Throw trash away
  14. Return kid to mom
  15. Go to work

Now, it was only a good process because our kid is typically (so far) calm and happy when we change her. Very grateful for that.

Now, if I can only master changing a diaper and using my iPhone at the same time, then I would be set.

FYI, click through on that picture - it is pretty funny stuff.