Cop Pulled Me OverLast night, I left work a bit early cause I had a late night conference call and I wanted to be home a bit earlier so I can be ready for it. Oh boy - did I pay for leaving work at 5:30ish. On the way home, I got a pulled over by a cop for going, as he put it on the ticket, 44 in a 30 speed zone. My fault for not seeing the cop, my fault for being the last car in the line of cars going 44.

The funny part of getting this ticket was that after the cop took my license, insurance and registration and went back into his car to issue me a speeding ticket, I decided to tweet it. I wrote:

Err. Cop pulled me over.

Then I began getting responses of support and encouragement. Some people thought I may have been in trouble. Was it a drug bust? Did I rob a bank? Did I leave comment spam on Matt's blog? No, no, no! I just got a speeding ticket.

The officer was actually nice. He told me to plead not guilty, see him in court and work out a deal. I said thank you and he said, have a good night.

How many people have tweeted that they got a ticket and snapped a picture of the cop as they write the ticket? Not many.