iPhone 3GSYea, I am a sucker. I ordered the new iPhone 3GS, even thought it will cost me more than $299.

I ordered the 16GB black one, which is the same size and color I have now. I currently use only about 10GB anyway. $100 extra for twice the size was appealing, but I couldn't justify it. In fact, I couldn't justify buying a new one, but I did it cause I am an Apple fan boy that is a sucker for new gadgets.

It started with the Treo. I had the Treo 650 and then I had to get the Treo 700p for the ability to talk on the phone and use the internet at the same time (tethering was key then). Then a year later, I caved and bought the original iPhone, then a year later, I line waiting and purchased the iPhone 3G.

Today, I pre-ordered the iPhone 3GS online and Apple promises to deliver it to my office on June 19th, the same day it becomes available in stores.

No one in my office is surprised I bought the new one. None of my friends or family are surprised either. I am so cheap when it comes to certain things, but with gadgets, I am such a sucker.