YouTube began pushing their YouTube Partner Program to Google News publishers, which the Search Engine Roundtable is part of. So I signed up today and was approved.

I then hooked up my AdSense account to it and then agreed to the terms of service, which was actually a hoot - the way they took you through the rules and made sure you read the copyright rules over and over again.

In any event, I am now fully set up and I can now "enable revenue sharing" on my videos. The cool part is that you can pick and choose the videos you want to enable the revenue sharing on. Here is how to do it.

(1) Go to my videos

(2) Click on the "Enable Revenue Sharing" button under the video(s) you want to enable it on:

YouTube Revenue Sharing

(3) Fill in a description about the video and read those terms again. Do note, if YouTube reviews the video and it has legal issues (copyright, etc), they will completely remove it:

YouTube Revenue Sharing

Then you are done. YouTube may eventually add ads to it or they might remove your video.

How do you know if the video is enabled with revenue share? Two ways:

(1) You no longer see the "enable revenue sharing" button on the my videos page.


(2) You see a "Tube" Partner logo on the video view page:

YouTube "Tube Partner"

Example, see my iPhone Popcorn Trick video page, and look for that tube logo.