Sukkah on Boat in VeniceSo I have been in the new house almost two years now, and this Sukkot, I hope to finally build my own sukkuah. What is a Sukkah? See over here.

What I did was measure my deck, which is typically where people would put their sukkah, if they have a deck. I had my wife draw the deck on a piece of blank paper, since I was holding my baby, then I measured every thing. My deck is not a standard rectangle or square, the rectangle gets smaller on the kitchen side. Now I do not need to cover my whole deck with the sukkah, but it might be nice to.

I am not sure, since this is my first sukkah. A 10 x 20 sukkah would easily fit on the large side of the deck and that might be large enough.

So what I did was make a digital version of my deck's dimensions, and emailed a few sukkah dealers that came up on Google. I got one response so far, hope to get more. I am looking for something that is easy, but yet will last a long time and be more useful for my deck's shape and size.

I am thinking that the Sunshine Sukkah as a top candidate, but again, this is premature. I would love to have two doors, possibly three, again, not sure. We will see.

Any Sukkah specialists out there with any advice?

Oh, and how cool is that picture? A sukkah on a boat in Venice.

Update: I purchased the Sukkah from Esrog Headquarters, for more about that purchase, see my blog post named Buying a Sukkah & Planning. The Snap, Klick or Easy Lock Sukkah is now Two Inches Too Long and Esrog Headquarters said they will send replacement parts, so stay tuned.