Two Apple Cinema Displays on MacBook Pro

The above image is a picture of my new set up. There are two Apple Cinema Displays, one is the new 24" display and the other is the old 23" inch display (not the really old one). Plus, my MacBook Pro's display all the way on the right.

Didn't I have three monitors running off my MacBook Pro already? Yes, but there was an issue. The Kensignton adapter I original purchased, did not support the resolution I wanted to go with a wide screen solution. But after reading Danny Sullivan's 4 monitor setup solution, I learned he did everything I did - minus use the Kensignton. Instead, he purchased the Diamond BVU195 and it was both fast and supported his maximum resolutions.

So the other night, I purchased the adapter via Amazon and with a nice money gift from someone in the industry (won't name names), I bought the new Apple Display. Today, both arrived and I set it up.

As you can see, on the far left, I have the new Apple Display. It is plugged directly to the MacBook via the mini DVI port. I then used the Diamond adapter to plug the old Apple Cinema Display into the USB port on my MacBook Pro (I decided to plug it directly into the Mac, as opposed to a USB hub). I then re-installed (I uninstalled it when I went back to my old setup) the latest DisplayLink Mac Beta software and restarted. Presto - I was set up.

I am in heaven!

I am not yet set on how I will arrange the screens. Right now, I have my main monitor on the left and then go to the right from there. I am not sure which software, web pages, etc will go on which screens yet - time will tell. But I have so much more space to work with now.

I am in heaven!