rustycar plateI have been very eager for my new custom New York license plates to arrive. I ordered the plates, RustyCar over 4 weeks ago and they are still not here.

The order confirmation email reads:

Allow two weeks to receive your registration receipt and window sticker by mail. Your new plates will be mailed separately; please allow 4 weeks for delivery. You will also receive instructions on what to do with your old plates and registration.

My registration sticker came within two weeks. But four weeks later, still no plates. I finally called the New York DMV's custom plate office and they told me, the plates were first finished on June 29th but they likely won't arrive for at least another 4 weeks.

She explained that they are mailed 3rd class. So they sit in a bucket and wait for someone to get around to picking them up. Typically, it takes about 4 weeks from when they are placed in the bucket, often longer.

Maybe the NY DMV should update their email confirmations to say something like:

Your new plates will be mailed separately; please allow several months for delivery as we have no idea if and when you will get your plates.

Or maybe this is just typical DMV stuff.