Apple Genius BarAs some of you know, the inside of my Apple Display is bent somehow.

Yesterday, my wife, kid and I all went to the Apple Store (my kid's first time being in an Apple Store) to show the Apple Geniuses the issue. Yes, I scheduled an appointment before going.

The genius guy looked at it and saw the issue right away.

He went to the back and came back and said they had to order the parts to fix it, for free.

They ordered a single part, the part is part number 661-4822. It is the LCD Panel, with LED backlight. Honestly, that is the the whole display without the frame. I looked up that part number on a retail site and it costs more than what the monitor sold for. It costs $961 for just that piece.

Of course, this is not costing me anything, since the monitor is less than a year old.

I am glad Jimmy caught the defect, because I tend to not notice things like that.

Plus, I think I have a dead pixel some where.