Continental Presidential Plus CardI travel pretty often. So I was very into having an American Express Platinum card for the travel perks. Especially for the access to the Continental Presidents Club lounges and points to mile transfer.

As I told you in the past, I was planning on leaving AMEX for Continental Card because American Express and Continental are discontinuing their deal. So next year, AMEX won't get me into the lounges nor will I be able to transfer my points to Continental for airline miles.

I pretty much exclusively use Continental. The week after I blogged it, AMEX called me, sent me two letters and emailed me at least once. They basically are telling all their customers about the new benefits and we shouldn't leave AMEX due to the Continental non-deal.

Well, I am. I applied for the Continental Airlines Presidential Plus Card for Business and will slowly move my spending over to that. My AMEX renewal fee expires sometime in February 2011 but I want to see how this card works out prior to me dropping my AMEX Platinum card. So I am overlapping for a few months on purpose.

Are you a Continental flyer? What are you doing?