EFTPSEFTPS is the way most businesses and many personal people pay all their federal taxes electronically. As a business owner, I think you have to pay taxes this way, at least for payroll taxes and some other frequent taxes. It also makes my life easier - because in the old days, I had to go to the bank to process these taxes.

In any event, recently, EFTPS phishing spam attacks have been on the rise. The IRS has a page about the scam dating back to August. Yes, I have received these for a while, but in the past week or so, it feels like I have received a dozen plus each day.

They look like this:

EFTPS Phishing Emails

The link obviously doesn't take you to the real web site. Instead you are sent to a fake web site, that appears to look like the EFTPS web site (I assume, I never clicked, but I did check the URL source). It likely tries to convince you to give over your bank account information and other personal/business information.

The spike in these emails is out of hand now.