nexus sSphinnCon Israel is 25 days away now and I'll be in Israel in less than 25 days. This will be the largest SphinnCon ever and I believe the largest search conference in Israel ever - so it is exciting.

But whenever I travel internationally, I get nervous about being connected - mostly data connected. Israel is a small country and reception is almost always solid. But whenever I go, it costs me hundreds of dollars to be connected for the ~10 days I am there.

In the past I end up:

(1) Renting a cell phone and paying minutes at a higher rate
(2) Buying a USB data card for my laptop
(3) Adding the AT&T international data plan to my iPhone

All these three things add up.

orangeThis year, I am going to try to change things up.

In January 2011 I plan on:

(1) Buying a SIM card from Orange Israel, which I did in the US from

That is it. I will pop it in the Nexus S that I will get soon and use that for my phone calls and data connectivity via its mobile hotspot.Android Hotspot

I can then use the Android hotspot on the Nexus S to give my MacBook Pro, iPhone, iPad and other devices internet when I am Israel for the same fee. Plus, I can check my emails, feeds and stuff on the go on the Nexus S and also make calls.

This should save me a lot of money in the long run and I won't "rent" any of it.

Every year, when I go back, I can use the same device. So I can keep the same number and not worry about renting stuff.

Hope it all works out well.