Foreign Transaction FeesAs you may have read, I replaced my AMEX with the Chase Continental card. The main reason I left AMEX was because their partnership with Continental Airlines expired and I couldn't use it to get into lounges in the future or use the miles towards airline tickets.

So I got myself the top of the line Continental Airlines Presidents Plus Card. I have access to the lounges, I accrue miles for money spent, heck I get a lot of miles with this card - so that is working out well.

But what are the major issues I have had with this card? Most have to do with international travel. I heard some reports of issues about this, so when I applied for the card I asked about this. The person at Chase said that this card is an airline card and designed specifically for international travel.

But that is not true! I had a few issues with international use of this card.

(1) Chase locked the card because they saw international spend. Heck, I told them I was traveling and they locked it anyway. It is upsetting to use the card and it be rejected without reason. It worked out eventually but I had to call and verify stuff I told them when I first opened up the card.

(2) Foreign Transaction Fees: With my American Express I don't think I ever had a fee for using my credit card overseas. But with my Continental Airlines credit card, a card designed specifically for international use, I had tons of fees for using my credit card overseas. I am not too upset but it just seems illogical.

Those are my main issues with this new credit card to-date.